truSculpt - iD

The revolutionary, non-invasive, monopolar RF body sculpting platform offers a personalized solution with an optimal experience and proven results in as little as one 15-minute hands-free treatment.


What is Trusculpt ID and how does it work?

It is a non-surgical treatment designed to sculpt your body by permanently removing fat cells in and around the body. Monopolar RF technology is used to target the cells and heal it so the body eliminates it naturally.

Treatments take just fifteen minutes and allow you to customize and set exactly how you want the end result to look. It has been clinically tested and proven to work even on stubborn areas such as the abdomen.

Over 20% of fat reduction can be achieved in just one treatment session. Since the procedures is non-invasive, there is no recuperation period ensuring your life schedule is not greatly affected by this choice.

Visible results can manifest after just three months and you have the option of repeating treatment if you wish to secure a more personalized look. It is safe and does not pose any serious threats to life or well-being.

The treatment is like getting "a hot stone massage" -- a little redness and sensitivity post-treatment are normal, but you can jump right back into your normal routine, including exercise, immediately after you leave the doctor's office.

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